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Transfer Tutorials

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RT Tutorial
(Standard RT)

All transfers designed by Little Bus Company are authentic image waterslide transfers. This means that to release them from the backing card will require a small quantity of water.

The following illustrations show a step by step method to refinish an E.F.E. Diecast RT Repainted Model.

The first transfer set used is RTU 10 (Upper Case) destination set from the London Transport series.

The set provides the following options

  • A standard blind with the bus terminating at VICTORIA STN
  • Or terminating at ABRIDGE instead
  • Or terminating at VICTORIA STN and changed at a later date to ABRIDGE by overlay
  • Converting the set to Roof Box style RT
RT 10 Waterslide Transfer Set A Blank Repainted RT Cutting the Transfer Card into Four Sections
1. The RTU 10 transfers come on a card such as this and each of the set blinds are layed out as above 2. Now we take the model of the RT. 3. Taking a pair of scissors, make three Vertical cuts, leaving four sections, as above
Working on the Front of the RT first Cutting out the Destination Blind Placing the Front Destination on the RT
4. Working Clockwise around the RT, starting with the Front. 5. Cut the complete front destination blinds from the set. The complete front blinds may be put on the model in one piece or the final destination exchanged as required. Keep the discarded one in a safe place and put the one you are going to use into a saucer of water for a few seconds. 6. Take the transfer on the backing card and slide onto the front of the prepared model and position as required removing surplus water with a small piece of kitchen roll
Repeating the task with the Rear Destination Blind Placing the Rear Destination on the RT Repeating the task with the Side Destination Blind
7. Repeat Step 5 with the Rear Destination Blind. 8. Take the Transfer on the backing card as in Step 6 and repeat the task with the Rear Destination as above 9. Again, repeat Step 5 for the Side Destination Blind, but leaving the Final Destination (VICTORIA STN) on the card as above.
Placing the Side Destination on the RT Repeating the task with the Beneath Canopy Route Number Producing the Canopy Route Number on the RT
10. Take the Transfer on the backing card as in Step 6 and repeat the task with the Side Destination as above 11. The same procedure as followed in Step 5 can be used to produce the Beneath Canopy Route Number 12. And here is the completed RT with Canopy Route Number
Remaining Destination Blinds, such as the 'ABRIDGE' Screen, can be overlaid to produce another Destination. The roof box RT can be accomplished by selecting the front route number and cutting off the excess black above and below to fit the roof box and use the shorter destinations for the front. The optional offside Route Plate can be produced, but these were discarded in latter years..

The RTR and RTS blinds in use in the early post-war period also provide options as illustrated in the relevant tutorials.


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