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Resin Bus Kits

Little Bus Company has been producing resin bus and coach kits since 1993.

The specialist period is 1940`s through to the mid 70`s with some pre-war models which ran post war.

All kits with the exception of one are 1:76 scale.

None of the kits are limited editions but a pre-ordering system is operated which means they often sell out quickly. However all possible steps are taken to satisfy demand.

Re-issues are produced from time to time depending on interest.

Kit of Parts WIL 1
Illustrated: Kit of Parts for the
AEC Regent V Willowbrook 30' front entrance
All kits are easy to assemble and comprise few parts, the most important being single or two piece body units. Seating forms part of the chassis, or floor of the upper deck, with a metal base to give some bottom weight.

Own-production push fit profiled rubber wheels are now included with all kits.

Moulded and/or pre-printed glazing is provided where appropriate.

In 2004 the Fanfare range of kits was taken over and a selection of these are gradually being re-mastered or revised and produced at regular intervals.

Please see the News Page for announcements.

The masters for the Little Bus Company kits are produced by a dedicated team of builders and advisors spread around the world with the results for them and us to enjoy.

The Resin Kit Evolution

Little Bus Company - Beadle bodied OB

Little Bus Company produced its first kit the Bedford OB bus with a Beadle body in 1993.

The kit turned out to be a sell-out having two additional runs immediately and a further re-run in 1997. In the interim it was decided to produce another OB this time the Duple MK IV bus. (A particular favourite of mine having being instrumental in saving one of these for preservation). This has also enjoyed a re-run.

It should be made clear that none of the kits are limited editions and all are capable of being produced again at any time.

The mission of Little Bus Company, has been over the past 7 years, and still is to produce model bus kits in the best possible quality resin with a minimum number of parts and easy to assemble.

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