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LBC News

LBC News                           February 2017

Please contact Karl Kingston for current kit enquiries and availability of those recently issued.
New kits and any others still in stock as listed on the leaflet from 01/01/2017.
All other enquiries regarding older kits will please contact Tony Asquith, however we will both be able to help with any other requirements you may have.


PR48E                    LEYLAND TIGER PS1 PARK ROYAL `EAST KENT`                     1948
K48L                      BRISTOL K ECW LOWBRIDGE                                                        1948
TD48L                    LEYLAND TD7 ECW LOWBRIDGE                                                 1948
LS 51R                   BRISTOL LS   ROYAL BLUE                                                             1951
ROE 65L                LEYLAND ATLANTEAN PDR ROE  `LOWHEIGHT`                     1965
WIL 10                   WILLOWBROOK oo3 11 M COACH                                                 1980
GOLD 3                 DUPLE GOLDLINER III                                                                      1982
OLY 1C                  LEYLAND OLYMPIAN ECW DD COACH                                      1984
MMC 200             ENVIRO E200 MMC 11.8m                                                                  2014


WAY 2                   AEC Reliance/Harrington Wayfarer II M&D                            40.00
MONO                  AEC Monocoach Park Royal                                                       40.00
WEY38B                Bristol K Weymann Lowbridge (re-body)1938                         45.00
CAM1                    Leyland Royal Tiger Duple Coronation Ambassador                40.00
LLR                         Bristol LL  ECW  Bus rebody                                                   40.00
DUPAL                  Bristol LL Duple A Coach  Southern/Western National            40.00
ALEX P                  Alexander P Type                                                                       45.00

L.T. Service Vehicles

447W                     AEC Regal(T class) converted stores lorry                                 40.00
1018J                     AEC Regent ex STL2661 Shelter carrier                                    40.00


3 Kits are listed for re-issue, these will be subject to enough pre-orders being placed.
These are:

BD 2                       Bedford OB Duple MK IV Service bus                                       1950
BD 59                     Bedford Duple Super Vega                                                          1959
BD 61                     Bedford Super Vega                                                                     1961


1/TD1                    L.T. Leyland Tiger PS1 Mann Egerton                                                   1947
14T12                    L.T. AEC Regal Weymann                                                                     1947
BURL4                   Leyland Leopard  Burlingham  Sheffield/ Hebble/YWD/Stevensons   1960
WIL 9                     Leyland Royal Tiger Willowbrook Bus Devon General/Hebble           1956      
ATLL                       Leyland Atlantean Lowbridge                                                              1958
NC 50                    Leyland TD5 Rebody Northern Counties Southdown                            1950
PLA 69                   Plaxton Elite 1 36`                                                                                  1969
K3                           Dennis Lance K3 East Lancs  Aldershot & Dist                                    1948
BURL 1                  Leyland TS7 Burlingham Half cab bus (re-issue)                                  1948
BURL 2                  Leyland TS7 Burlingham Coach (re-issue)                                            1948
BURL 3                  AEC Regal Burlingam Half cab bus (re-issue)                                       1948
RELL                       Bristol /ECW RELL Bus                                                                       1964
ROE 12                  Leyland PD2/12 Roe D/D Coach `East Yorkshire`                                 1951


LOLI                       Dennis Loline  Aldershot & District                                                          1958
XAXF                     London Transport XA/XF class Atlantean/Fleetline                                  1965
LHS 2                     Bristol LHS BUS  LCBS (BN  class)  S Vectis Western National             1973
LHM                       Bristol LH Marshall Royal Blue Coach                                                      1973
LHS 3                     Bristol LH London Transport (BL BS Class)  Guernsey  West Yorks       1975
VAS 5                    Bedford VAS Duple Dominant                                                                    1976
DCN1/2                   Duple Carribean 1/2                                                                                    1983

   Facebook provides more information and photos of  new kits and developments: