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UHM 1 - Guy Arab II Massey Utility

UHM 2 Daimler CWG 5 Massey Utility

Prototype information

During the second world war the production of bus bodies and chassis in the UK was strictly controlled by the Ministry of Supply and the Ministry of War Transport. In 1941, when full control was assumed, only Guy Motors were permitted to produce bus chassis. Later Daimler also recommenced chassis production to wartime standards. Bodies were still supplied by a number of builders, but to a strictly defined specification that limited the use of scarce materials and unnecessary adornment. Body panels were, in general, either flat or curved in only one direction. The resultant designs, while having an enforced similarity, still managed to show unique characteristics for each body builder. None more so, perhaps, than those constructed by Massey, which appeared particularly angular. Massey bodies appeared in both low- and high-bridge form and on chassis of both manufacturers.


The kit

The kit has been carefully designed to allow for the production of either a Daimler, or a Guy, by means of a distinctive cab and lower deck casting. Minor details between finished vehicles supplied to various fleets may differ from the kit as supplied, which represents, in Guy form, one of the significant number of Guy Arab II chassis that were delivered to London Transport (LT) with Massey bodies. 174-93 (GYL 313-332), 258-268 (GYL 397-407), 312-318 (GYL 452-458), 358-368 (HGC 137-147). Most of the variations can be achieved by carefully removing mouldings from the castings, or, if necessary, adding small parts made from plastic card. These new parts can be attached with a variety of glues; white PVA woodworking glue has been used successfully for the purpose.

Note that, for the Guy, the windscreen is narrower than the cab and the side window ahead of the door needs to be cranked inwards for the best effect. The casting provides guidance for this, which may need removing for the Daimler version. Many Massey bodies had the offside half of the rear platform window frosted to maintain the decency of those climbing the stairs.

uhm1     uhm2

The following list is by no means complete and is based on research of available fleet lists and photographs:

Bradford Corporation      (6) DKY 468-473 (f/n 468-472)
Aberdeen Corporation    (2) BRG 838-839 (f/n 136/137)
Lancaster Corporation     FTD 70
Chester Corporation        PFM 270 (f/n 45)
Glasgow Corporation      (2)   (101-2, DGB 448-9)
Edinburgh Corporation    (2) (includes 63, DWS 83)
Coventry Corporation      (2) EKV 821-822 (f/n 321-322)
Western SMT                   ASD 120
Rochdale                         (1) 187 (EDK 771)
Sunderland Corporation (2) 60-61 (GR 7707-8)
Barrow Corporation        (2) 91-92 ( includes EO 7932)
South Shields Corp.       (1) 128 (CU 4548)
Sheffield Corporation     (1) 485 ( HWA 675)

Massey continued bodying Daimlers after the CWA6 appeared, which had the wire mesh radiator. I think they did 23 before concentrating on Guy Arabs for the rest of the emergency.
CWA6 possible 23 with Massey bodies

SHMD        (3) 191-3 HMA 155-7              Edinburgh      ?        Glasgow 106 DGB 450

Guy Arab l (33)
Ashton under lyne      (1)   13 (FTL 715)
Barrow                        (3)    88-90  ( EO 7906-8)
Chester                        (2)    43-44 ( FFM 232-3)
Coventry                      (2)   300-301 ( EKV 300-1)
Derby                           (2)    1-2 (RC 8311-2)
Doncaster                    (4)   80-83   ( CDT 175/186/197-8)
West Hartlepool           (1)    37 (EF 7407)
Edinburgh                    (2)     G2-3 ( DWS 312-3)
South Shields             (1)     125 ( CU 4510)
London Transport      (49) G174-193, 258-268, 312-8, 358-368   (good sources are London  Bus Magazine 56 and the British Buses vol 8-The Utilities)

Guy Arab II ( ? ) 
Accrington Corporation        (4) 96-99
Ashton-under-Lyne Corporation (8 or more) 14-16, 41-44, 67-72
Barrow Corporation             (1) 93
Birkenhead Corporation      (22) 321-342
Blackburn Corporation         (9) 58-66
Burnley,Colne & Nelson      (2 or 3) 25,27 & 66?
Chester Corporation            (5) 51-55
Edinburgh Corporation         (2) G2-G3
Grimsby Corporation           (2) 71,79
KIngston-upon-Hull               (?)
L.U.T                                     (6) 308-313
Lowestoft Corporation         (6) 1-6
Newbury & District               (2) 105-106
Northern General                 (8) 1054-1061
Rawtenstall Corporation      (1) 37
T Severn & Sons, Dunscroft (3) EWT 664, EWW 188, EWW 639
Stockport Corporation         (16) 209-224
Sunderland Corporation      (15) 62-66,69-70,74-81.
                                            (4 of these later to Grimsby-Cleethorpes 37-40)
Walsall Corporation              (2) 52,167
West Hartlepool Corporation ( 1) 41
Yorkshire Traction               (?)

uhm2     uhm1


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