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KSW1 Bristol KSW / ECW (Low Bridge)

KSW1 Bristol KSW / ECW
(Low Bridge)

The KSW was developed from the 'K' chassis, 'S' for short (a long version was never produced), and 'W' for wide, to meet the newly permitted dimensions of 27' x 8'.

Bristol and Gardner engines were available, and classified as KSW6B and KSW6G, respectively.

Production commenced in 1950, as part of the 80th sanction, when 25 KSW6Bs were built for assessment. More KSs were built, until the 84th sanction when the KSW became the standard until 1957, by which time, the revolutionary Bristol Lodekka made the low bridge bus obsolete.

Some K chassis' were also fitted with 8' wide bodies.

Companies operating vehicles with open platforms were as follows:

Operator Year Fleet Nos. Registration
Cheltenham 1951 80 NHY938
Crosville 1951 MW418-27 NFM50-9
Crosville 1952 MW443-91/631-8 OFM601-5
Crosville 1953 MW639-60 RFM384-405
Eastern Counties 1951 LK301-5 MAH 301-5
Eastern National 1951 4118-20 SHK511-3
Eastern National 1952 4203 VNO866
Eastern National 1953 4204-7 WNO482-5
Eastern National 1951 4136-48 SHK518-29
Eastern National 1951 4149-65 TNO673-90
Eastern National 1953 4215/6 WNO480/1
Hants & Dorset 1950 1285-7 KEL728-30
Hants & Dorset 1951 1288-98 KRU954-64
Southern National 1950 1832/3 LTA820/1
Southern National 1950 1840-3 (KS 8' Wide) LTA 950-3
Southern National 1951 1844-7 LTA954-7
Southern National 1952 1848-52 LTA991-5
Southern Vectis 1952 759-68 JDL33-42
Southern Vectis 1953 769-73 JDL719-23
Thames Valley 1950 601-3 FMO983-5
Thames Valley 1951 634-6 GJB272-4
Thames Valley 1951 640-50 GJB278-88
Thames Valley 1952 651-70 HBL53-72
Thames Valley 1952 694-704 HMO840-51
Thames Valley 1954 726-37 JRX801-13
Thames Valley 1955 744-9 JRX820-24
United 1950 BBH20-22 NHN913-5
United 1952 BBL63-7 PHN825-9
United 1952 BGL67-81 PHN810-24
United Counties 1951 698 CNH698
United Counties 1952 908-13 HBD644-7/2/3
United Counties 1952 917-21 HNV733-7
United Counties 1953 928-45 JBD965-82
United Counties 1954 961-9 KNV334-42
United Counties 1952 875-83 (ex-Eastern National) SHK511/920/4/7, TNO673/4/7/8
United Counties 1951 694-7 (KS 8' Wide) FRP694-7
United Welsh 1952 1242/3 JCY989/90
United Welsh 1950 806-9 DBW1-4 JWY224-7
West Yorkshire 1951 DBW5-24 KWU361-80
Western National 1950 1801/2 LTA820/1
Western National 1951 1814-25 LTA833-44
Western National 1952 1853-62 LTA854/5, 879-86
Wilts & Dorset 1950 324 (KS 8' Wide) GWV305
Wilts & Dorset 1951 325-58 GWV929, HAM229-31, HAM693-6, HHR60-4, HHR750-1, HHR822-3, HMR12, HMR58-9, HMR414-6, HMR624, HMR688-90, HMR743-7, HMR809-10
Wilts & Dorset 1952 359-78 HMW445-8, HWV292-4, JAM419-20, JAM933 JHR140-2, JHR883, JHR959-60, JMW243/317/499/955


Reference should be made to 'The Bristol KSW' by Graham Jones and Allan Macfarlane for company information and livery details.


KSW1 Bristol KSW / ECW (Low Bridge)

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